MEMBERSHIP Rules & By-Laws (effective as of January 10th, 2020)


Terms under which a person may be admitted to the society:

1. There shall be the following classes of membership:

a. Individual Membership

b. Honourary Membership

c. Suspended Membership

2. Any person interested in or in any way connected with live theatre may apply for membership in the society as an Individual Member by completing a membership form found online or by filling out a paper version available at SMUDS events.

3. Any person who is now or has been a member of SMUDS, and remains in good standing with the society, will be acknowledged as an Honourary Member should they not participate in a SMUDS event, workshop or production for two (2) consecutive semesters.

4. Individual Members are entitled to all rights and privileges that are extended by the society, and are subject to subscribe to the society’s constitution, by-laws and mission.


5. Honourary Members are to be invited to all society events, not including production specific events.  They do not have voting power but are to be treated with the same respect all members are to be given. They must continue to subscribe to the society’s constitution, by-laws and mission to maintain their Honourary Membership. Should an Honourary Member participate in a meaningful way with any SMUDS event, workshop or production, their Individual Membership will be reinstated with all the rights that come with it.  


6. Suspended Members are previous members who have either been removed from the society or left the society not in good standing as determined by a vote of the Executive Board. These members do not have voting power and will not be invited to SMUDS events, workshops or productions, but are not banned from attending. In order to rejoin the society, the individual, or someone nominating the individual must apply to the Executive Board in writing requesting to rejoin the society. The individual who made the nomination and the suspended member then must meet with the Executive Board to determine if it the best choice for everyone involved. The Executive Board will vote on whether or not to reinstate the individual’s membership.


7. It is the duty of each member, in order to remain in good standing in the society and to be knowledgeable and aware of the Bylaws of the society and to remain in compliance with them at all times.



Conditions under which membership in the society ceases:

1. Any member who desires to withdraw from membership in the society may notify the Executive Board in writing to that effect and on receipt by the Executive Board of such notice, the member shall cease to be a member.


3. An Individual Member, or an Honourary Member may be expelled from the society by an extraordinary resolution of the Executive Board members passed in the General Meeting called for that purpose.


4. At a meeting described In Article II, Clause 3, a member, or delegate has the right to speak on his or her own behalf.


5. Any member accused of sexual harassment or assault, in any form, will be immediately suspended from the society, until the Executive Board can decide how to move forward. Should any other members corroborate the victim’s story, or evidence be provided, the accused will be expelled from the society immediately and permanently. Should no witness or evidence be produced, and no resolution reached within thirty (30) days of the accusation, the issue will be taken to Saint Mary’s University Administration to be dealt with and the decision as to reinstate the accused will be theirs to make.


6. Any member found guilty of harassment, bullying, or harmful gossip while at a Society event, workshop or production, will be subject to meet with the Executive Board, who will determine a course of action that may include termination, depending on the severity of the offence.



1. Month of Annual General Meetings:
     A. The First Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of September in each year at Saint Mary’s University and on a day to be fixed by the Executive Board.

     B. The Last Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of January in each year at Saint Mary’s University and on a day to be fixed by the Executive Board.

2.  Notice for General and Special Meetings:

      A. Every notice of an Annual, General or Special Meeting of the society shall state the nature of the business of the meeting and such notice shall be given to every member seven (7) days before such General or Special Meeting.

3.  The Manner in which Notice Is to be Given:

      A. Notice of any Annual, General or Special Meeting shall be deemed to be given to every member if an email from the Executive Board has been sent to the one the member provided on their membership form.

4. Any two (2) members of the Executive Board, may call a Special Meeting of the society, upon approval by the President of the Executive Board.

5. Any persons calling a meeting of the membership of the society pursuant to Article III, Clause 4, shall be responsible for the administration and preparation of the meeting.

6.The rules of procedure at an Annual, General or Special Meeting shall be determined by the Executive Board. 


7. Voting Rights of Members:

     A. Only Individual Members, of the society can vote at any meeting of the members of the society and Honourary or Suspended Members shall have no voting rights.

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