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The Tempest (November, 2019)

Directed by: Brona Higginbotham

Prospero was the Duke of Milan - that is, before he was usurped by his brother and banished to an island on the coast with his young daughter, Miranda. The two live on a mystical island with creatures such as spirits and fish monsters.

     When a ship of noblemen crashes ashore during a tempest, caused by Prospero’s magic and the spirit, Ariel, A revenge plot begins to unravel. With the noblemen now under his power, Prospero plans to get his rightful place back as Duke of Milan, and with his daughter now in love with one of these men, the job is almost too easy. As one might guess, many magical antics follow.

Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe (September, 2019)

Directed by: Mel Etiz

     From the master of Gothic horror, we have the pleasure of presenting four shearing stories to haunt one sacred Friday of your year.

     An infamous poem with a talking aves, a dynastic collapse of controversial repute, walls that keep closing in as the lesser of evils, and an innocent heart that just won’t stop beating…

    Explore with us the guilt of loss, the slow spiral that is madness, the fear for one’s own life as the only method of survival, and how most definitely not to get away with murder.

Night of January 16th (March, 2019)

Directed by: Rachele Lasorsa

     After a powerful billionaire is found dead, his seductive mistress, Karen Andre, is on trial for his murder. 
     Testimonies from many including; his devoted wife, a notorious gangster, and a loyal assistant will tell you his story, but it is you that will decide Miss Andre's fate.

Twelfth Night (November, 2018)

Directed by: Brona Higginbotham

     In this classic from Shakespeare, we meet the young Viola after she has been ship wrecked in a new land. Believing her family to be lost to the sea, she assumes the identity of a young man to protect herself, and is brought into the service of a lovesick Duke who tasks her to woo his love.

     Hijinx, comedy and a love square (?) ensue and Viola finds herself falling in love with the Duke and caught in the middle of the mayhem.  Will Viola profess her love to the Duke and reveal herself? Or will the Duke finally marry the woman he has longed for? We find out in Twelfth Night.

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