Benjamin Hargreaves

as Poe

     Joining Saint Mary's University Drama Society in fall of 2018, Benjamin has starred as Duke Orsino in the societies productions of, 'Twelfth Night' and as District Attorney Flint in 'Night of January 16th', for which he was also Set Designer.

     He was very active in his schools drama programs, and has landed small parts in a few independent films.

     Some have called him 'dramatic', 'hilarious', 'incredibly good looking' and 'modest'.

     When not in class or busy with SMUDS he can be found writing flattering biographies about himself in the third person.

Owen Benjamin

as Edgar, Sante

Mel Etiz

as Roderick Usher & Mad Poe, Director

Briana McNamara

 as Madeline Usher, Judge #1, Policeman #1

Naomi Kent

 as The Raven, Judge #2, Policeman #2, The Corpse

       Owen is a third-year student at SMU with a mysterious past and a habit of petting cats he sees on the street.

     He has been doing drama since the sun was born and shall continue after it dies, he has been with SMUDS for a variety of productions and serves as the head of the marketing department since 2017.

     Mel has a significant amount of on-screen and stage acting experience. 

     Aside from minor parts, she has starred in a comedic rewrite of Romeo and Juliet as Juliet, played Betty Rizzo in an independent production of Grease and most recently she portrayed Magda Svenson in the SMUDS production of  The Night of January 16th.

     Nightfall is her first show as an actor playing characters of genders other than her own.

     Bri is a portrait photography enthusiast with a lifelone interest in the performing arts.

     She has performed her own self written monologue, musicals at her high school, and directed “The 9 Worst Break Ups Of All Time” in her senior year, an opportunity she is so thankful to have had. She also has 7 years of dance experience, with training in a variety of styles.

     Bri became involved with SMUDS last year as a photographer, and is so glad she decided to be more involved this year.

     Naomi is a 4th year student in the history department at Saint Mary’s University and hopes to someday become a professor in her field. She attended Horton High School where she took art, was in the glee club and senior concert band.

     She enjoys singing casually, and has had experience performing with her church’s annual dinner theaters, and was a part of her church choir for many years. 

     The biggest accomplishment in her dramatic career is earning one of the leading roles in a production at her church, and she is looking forward to her first year as a SMUDS cast member.

Katherine Logan

as Soldier & Old Man, Stage Manager

     Our very own SMUDS president continues her passion for stage managing and performance for our production of Nightfall! As a fourth year student at SMU working on honours in political science and minoring in English.


   Katie has been with us for three years but has been working in performance arts since she could sing her first song. As an avid fan of Edgar Allen Poe and a hard worker, Katie is dedicated to putting  on a remarkable production despite living on about one hour of sleep. 

"From the marvelous, macabre mind of Edgar Allan Poe, we bring you four twisted tales of terror we hope enthrall you."

"This is a unique production in this year's schedule and I hope that it is as fun to watch as it was to create."

"I am very honoured to take on the responsibility and challenge of portraying instability within the male psyche."

"Having recently been described as being “like the child of one of the Cleavers and someone from the Addams family,” and as a lover of all things dark and eerie, I am very excited to be part of this production with such an amazing cast and am thrilled to be acting again after a year away from the stage."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of the people involved in Saint Mary's University Drama Society this summer, and am looking forward to performing in this production."

“It is a dream come true to see our team bring to life one of my favorite authors creation. To quote the literary genius himself, ‘Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night’ and since we’re all a bunch of day dreamers, the show is bound to be something dark and magnificent.” 

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