About Us

“Where you can be you, while playing someone else.”

     We are Saint Mary’s University Drama Society (SMUDS). Founded in 1907, we are the oldest university drama society in Canada, and have a long history of providing a welcoming, LGBTQ2S+ friendly, safe space for all people, students and community members, to come and celebrate the various theater arts.

     Throughout each year we produce two (or more) full length shows, various workshops, and other small events, while also supporting and aiding other societies and organizations whenever possible.


     If you enjoy any aspect of the theater (acting, crew, lighting, makeup, hair, costumes, writing, directing, etc...) please contact us and ask how you can become a member today!!!


To create a unique, educational, theater experience for all people, while fostering an open, safe and inclusive environment for creative expression that facilitates achieving one’s greatest potential.